Social Commitment

It is obviously for us as a corporate to be involved in the social sector.
Due to our regional roots we are involved in local projects.

We are happy to be commited!


David Sperlich, Judo DJK Ensdorf

David Sperlich mit Stefan Wistuba und Wolfgang Brückl
We are more than happy to support David Sperlich, a young athlete from our region.


Der Waldpreis der A.R.G.E ChamA.R.G.E „Waldpreis“

Bayerwald Media had the chance to support a workgroup consisting of the five associations for silvicultur in the county Cham with realizing the idea of awarding a prize (the prize is called “Waldpreis”, translation: forest prize) for excellent forest management.
Bayerwald Media contributed the logo, certificates, lettering for the winners’ trophy and also two banner displays / roll-ups for the award ceremony. The first ceremony took place in Cham (location: Langhaussaal) on December 10, 2014.

 Das Logo der Selbsthilfegruppe Chronische Schmerzen

Self-help Group “Chronische Schmerzen” Cham

When CEO Wolfgang Brückl found out about a self-help group called “Chronische Schmerzen” (translation: chronic pains), he has spontaneously shown himself ready to support the group.
The Bayerwald Media team developed a logo, which was handed over to Irmgard Groitl-Christ and Johann Schwarzfischer, who are responsible for the self-help group. The event took place in Pemfling (county Cham).

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