Corporate Communications

Successful marketing involves proper corporate communications.
People buy at places where they feel positively emotionally approached.
We will help you to get your words right.


Individual ConsultingGeschäftsführer Stefan Wistuba

We will objectively counsel you. The first meeting is free of charge, but not for nothing.

More than 25 years of experience in marketing in a variety of sectors emphasize our expertise. We will holistically counsel your marketing strategies, which gives you more room to stay focused on your core competency.

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Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity der Dämmpaneele Lugauer GmbH & Co. KG

Imagine your corporate having an actual personality! How does it look like? How does it communicate? What is unique and special about it?

Corporate Identity is the result of perfectly combining Corporate Behavior, Corporate Communications, and Corporate Design – both internally and externally.

We will compile your Corporate Identity based on existing parameters. Both consumers, employees, and suppliers must be able to appreciate your identity.



Public Relations (PR)Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Public Relations seek to extent a corporate’s publicity.

Therefore, opinion leaders have to be convinced about your corporate. Moreover, the role of information, contact, image, alignment, stabilization, sales promotion, continuity, balance, and society is very important. Launching of a product, change management, anniversaries, and annual accounts, new relationships with partners, social engagement, important events and crisis communications need PR. We know journalists and publishers you need.

Wir verfügen über die nötigen Kontakte zu Journalisten und Verlagen.

Our offers:

  • Consulting
  • Editing, photography
  • Press kit
  • Service

 Cross Media Marketing

Cross Media Campaigns

Cross media marketing involves at least three different communication channels in order to place products or services on the market.

Therefore, both traditional but also digital media serve as advertiser.


Marketing in Czech Republic 

Reducing barriers is important! This means to overcome language barriers and observe consumer behavior in Czech Republic.
Due to our Czech coworkers we have all the know-how, which is necessary to access the Czech market.

Take advantage of our know-how about…Wir machen Sie fit für den tschechischen Markt

  • Consulting and preparation of your tailored marketing concept.
  • Cross media communication in Czech Republic.
  • Internet appearance (multiple languages, Czech domain, etc.).
  • Facebook.
  • Newsletter.
  • Print advertising.
  • Radio advertising.
  • Distribution.
  • Follow-up and adjustment of your campaign.
  • …and much more.


Newsletterlayouts auf mobile Geräte abgestimmt


  • Consulting
  • Conception of newsletters plus supplements, mailing, phone services, checkup
  • Conception of digital newsletters plus digital mailing via internet, address editing, integration (log-in / log-out; double opt-in), checkup
  • Optimization for mobile devices


Target-oriented Advertising

We design effective advertising material – individualized for you.

Our offers:

  • Consulting
  • Conception, coordination, drafting, media production
  • Digital advertising
  • Service


Trade Fair Equipment

Beforehand is afterwards!

We supply full service – planning, realization, follow-up, and more.

Our offers:

  • Consulting
  • Trade fair invitations (conception, coordination, print, mailing)
  • Phone services plus scheduling
  • Conception and coordination of your trade fair
  • Realization
  • Organisation
  • Set-up and Removal of your stand
  • Media production
  • Media effectiveness (photography, PR, appearance, etc.)

Our know-how guarantees successful PR at your next trade fair.


Digitale Medien


Digital Media

Would you like to pursue new ways?

We will produce an image film or a commercial in the movies for you.

We also produce internet clips and animated banner ads for you.

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