In order to manage the day-to-day business there is no room for big challenges regarding modern communications in combination with information technology (IT). Therefore we are specialized on these services. Everything as a one-stop provider – that‘s our motto. We will support you with implementing and achieving your goals. Our carefree packages are designed practice-oriented. You make sure that everything, which is unworked in day-to-day business, will be done by us.

 Kundenorientierte Projektleitung

Project Management

The project manager is our contact person. The project manager coordinates internal and external tasks and is in charge of organizing content, images, text and further information.

In this way the project manager for example guarantees regularity of an internet appearance (Google!). Furthermore, the project manager has to document all the activities, which makes it easier for you to keep track of.

Availability and response time are defined in Service Level Agreements (SLA).


Media production

We plan, design and create high quality work. Our comprehensive portfolio, which includes both traditional and new media, meets all your expectations.

Book our full-service package!


  • (Page) Layouts
  • Graphics
  • Maps
  • Buttons
  • ...

New media

  • Web projects (image pages, e-business, web 4.0, virtual organizations, …)
  • Applications
  • Social media
  • Digital advertising media (banner, skyscraper, content & layer & floor ad, wallpaper, billboard

Traditional media

  • Stationery, business cards, email signature
  • Shipping documents, labels, tapes
  • Image and product brochures, product sheets, folders, presentations, notepads, visitor’s badges, product branding & packaging, manuals
  • Work clothes
  • Ads (image, product, staff)
  • Public relations (press release, press kit)
  • Periodicals (newsletter, employee information)
  • Building and vehicle (façade advertising, flags, control system, labelling)
  • Fair stand, promotional items, output media




We will be in charge of your servers, network technology, desktop hardware and software. We think, IT services must cover all measures and methods that are necessary to have the best possible support of business processes by the IT organization. You keep focusing on your business processes while we handle the entire IT infrastructure for you. Before we take over we have to update the status quo in order to propose a catalogue of measures (including priority tasks) afterward.

Our offers:

  • Consulting
  • Conception / improvement
  • Network technology and installation
  • Trainings
  • After sales service, hotline with response times
  • Maintenance agreements

Applicable for the following applications:

  • VoIP phones
  • Server, server cupboards, exchange
  • Server virtualization / client and server solutions
  • Hardware and software for the office
  • Fax systems and email systems
  • Backup solutions and archive solutions
  • Virus and spam protection
Our offers:

  • Consulting
  • Conception / improvement
  • Network technology and installation
  • Trainings
  • After sales service, hotline with response times
  • Maintenance agreements
Applicable for the following applications:
  • VoIP phones
  • Server, server cupboards, exchange
  • Server virtualization / client and server solutions
  • Hardware and software for the office
  • Fax systems and email systems
  • Backup solutions and archive solutions
  • Virus and spam protection
  • Software licences


Sales and Distribution

We would like to take over complex marketing and distribution strategies – reliably and sustainably.

Our well-experienced and highly qualified team appreciates new challenges.

Have a look at some of our references:

  • Premium partner Travel House Media (Polyglott and Merian)
  • Bernkastel Kuess


We are looking forward to hearing your ideas - contact us now!


Knowledge transfer

Our proven and structured working method offers an optimum of information for you. The combination of project meetings, workshop and training programs as well as our information service is individually determinable.

Consulting new clients


Kostenlose Beratung

Yet, you are not a client of Bayerwald Media GmbH, but you would like to have a non-binding and free consulting?



Quick Check

You would like us to have your website checked?


Do you need support with topics like digitalization, big data, web 4.0 or industry 4.0?

Project meetings

A personal meeting to come to an agreement is irreplaceable. Project meetings on a regular basis will allow the exchange of information, coordination of tasks and control.

Workshop / Training

You can easily have a look at current offers with all details at the separate workshop and training program. Our program could take place at our training room (preferred) or at a location of your choice. It includes the following topics:


  • My perfect web solution
  • Digital addresses
  • Digital advertising
  • Marketing plan
  • Czech market
  • Web 4.0 (digitalization)
  • Individual topic


  • Business training (content management system)
  • Professional training (administration, setting and configuration options of selected modules)
  • eCommere / eBusiness training
  • Google guarantees your success
  • Individual training program


Graphic servicesGrafik-Dienstleistung


Although online advertising and the digital age offer multiple new possibilities, you should not ignore offline marketing. Your target group is not only available through the internet after all. Your business is going to be present everywhere - with flyer, brochures, giveaways and a lot more even in real life. Our graphic services offer design, layout, pre-press stage and the entire print process of your office equipment, advertising technology, giveaways, catalogues, flyer, brochures and a lot more.

Our portfolio includes design services, especially online. Web layouts per equipment group, newsletters, banners, skyscrapers, content & layer & floor ad, wallpapers and billboards are just some of the entire variety.




Operational Services

It is very important for us to have practice-oriented and efficient solutions. Our portfolio includes assistance in complex tasks and also takeover of complex marketing challenges.

Bayerwald Media can partially or entirely take over areas of operations including all entrepreneurial risks.

  • Marketing, Sales, Operation, Billing of Kletterhalle Cham, DAV-Naturfreund Kletterzentrums Bayerwald
  • Consulting, Marketing, Sales, Operation, Billing of Penshop GmbH.

We are looking forward to hearing your ideas!


Information ServicesInformationsdienste

Reporting: It provides information, verification management and control options. We report at project meetings based on numbers & analyses referring to progress and time.

Result log: After a meeting, we will email a result log including basic conditions and results.

Progress report: You will receive a report about a certain time slot including progress, responsible persons and the time needed.

Information: Before or after an event you will receive a written information (customer info, newsletter, email, fax). It is meant to be a “warning”, an “information”, a “reference” or a “call for activity”.





Produktfotografie Brennerei Liebl 

Photography Services

Advertising cannot be better the quality of images provided. Make use of our service. We have highly experienced photographers. Choose the best way to present yourself and your products.

Our offers:

  • Product photography
  • Individual and group pictures
  • Indoor and outdoor photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Photo editing

Moving Images Arouse Emotions

What else could be better present a product, a region, a hotel, a corporate or a landscape than a well elaborated and perfectly produced film?

Impressive images, precise statements and matching music are ingredients that will deliver your message directly to your target groups.

  • Commercial at the movies (duration: 15 – 30 seconds)
  • Internet clip (duration: 1 – 2 minutes)
  • Image movie (duration: 10 minutes)


TranslationRedaktion und Übersetzungen


Do you need different languages for print products, a trade fair or international affiliations? We organize the translation for you.

Just provide us your text and the language you would like to have it translated into. Would you like to translate your homepage into different languages? We will handle everything for you.

We are more than happy to talk about the integration to your homepage in a meeting.



We are able to edit any kind of content (press releases, online appearances, social media, corporate identity, text blocks, etc.).

It includes orthography, grammar, and typography. We will also incorporate stylistic corrections. You are entirely responsible for the correct content. We produce any kind of written content. Just provide us your notes or arrange an editorial conference.

We will analyze textually relevant know how. The result is an appropriately and efficiently formulated text.

Web service

Conception and preparation is highly important, if you want to develop an internet page. Your products or services, goals and the actual state of the market are the base for conceptualizing your internet presence or ad campaign. During that process, we permanently pay attention to usability, logical structure and intersections. Moreover, we submit layout proposals, which fit to you and your services 100%.Finally, we also take care of technical and legal framework.

We develop the perfect strategy together with you!

We offer services regarding the following:

  • Web projects
  • web servers, file servers, email servers
  • Email, Virus, Spam
  • Domains
  • Certificates
  • FTP
  • Software
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • SEA (Search Engine Advertising)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
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